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Guide to put embroidery in a necklace

I looked high and low for the ideal method to place weaving in an accessory. I at long last found a way, utilizing these weaving pendants. So there's no perplexity on the best way to utilize them, I reviewed somewhat instructional exercise and taped a video to demonstrate you. The video is at the highest point of this post. On the off chance that you are utilizing a promotion blocker, you may need to handicap it to see the video.

Weaving Pendants - How to place weaving in an accessory.

I'm loading a couple of these weaving pendants in my etsy shop, so head over yonder on the off chance that you'd like to catch one. They are brilliant quality and plated in genuine gold, silver, or copper. Metal weaving jewelry outlines like this can be elusive, so I needed to ensure all of you can get them. I'm SO energized!

weaving pieces of jewelry

(This post may contain member joins, which implies I may get a commission, at no additional expense to you, on the off chance that you click a connection and buy something that I have prescribed. A debt of gratitude is in order for your help!)

To place weaving in a neckband, you'll need:

weaving pendants unit – Get them in my shop here.

weaved texture – Get some free hand weaving neckband designs here.

weaving floss

weaving needle


solid paste – I utilize this one.


texture defender shower (discretionary) – I utilized this one.

Weave structure no greater than the pendant tag. Shower with a texture defender splash on the off chance that you might want to enable it to remain clean. Spot your label embed over your structure to measure how much texture you will require. Cut around the label leaving 1/4-1/2″ additional.

Utilize 3 strands of weaving floss to join a free running line around the edge of the texture. Be mindful so as not to get excessively near the edge. Leave tails at the two closures, around 3 inches in length.

The most effective method to place weaving in an accessory.

Tenderly pull the tails of your floss to begin assembling the texture. This will be similar to a draw string pack. Put the pendant tag inside.

pendant casings for weaving

Draw the tails tight, focus the weaving, and tie the closures together.

pendant edges for weaving

Line over the pendant to smooth any knocks. This is somewhat difficult to clarify, so make a point to watch the video.

put weaving on accessory

Put a little measure of paste in the bezel pendant setting and spread it around. Not all that much, or it will leak out the sides.

Pendant Frame for Embroidery

Spot embed with weaving on the paste. Use cinches to keep it set up until the paste dries. I simply utilized clothespins since that is the thing that I have lounging around..

In the event that you'd like to add somewhat more measurement to your piece, or if your texture is exceptionally slim, you can put a bit of felt inside or utilize another layer of texture. I like to utilize two layers so the metal doesn't appear through my texture, yet that can likewise cause issues with having an excessive amount of texture accumulated in the back. Explore different avenues regarding a few pieces to make sense of what you like.

Weaved Necklace

That is it! Put it on a chain, and you're finished
Pendant Frames for Embroidery - How to place weaving in a necklace.Also make a point to look at my other hand weaving structures and my How to Embroider for Beginners arrangement. It's brimming with some extremely extraordinary tips!