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Materials Needed for DIY Brass and Leather Necklace

round metal cylinder (1/8 inch width or bigger)

little pipe and cylinder shaper

thick bit of calfskin scrap (5 inch square is sufficient)

24 inch string

calfskin opening punch

ruler or measuring tape

sharp edge for cutting (like Xacto blade)

Step by step instructions to Make a DIY Brass and Leather Necklace

1. Utilizing a little pipe and cylinder shaper (mine is from Amazon), measure a bit of metal (about 3.5 inches long) and chop down to estimate utilizing the instrument. It's extremely simple to utilizeā€¦ you simply clip the metal cylinder into the opening and turn the device around and around again and again until it snaps off.

2. Wet a bit of cowhide under the sink to help relax it up and make it simpler to cut. At that point, measure a 4 inch wide semi-circle and cut utilizing a sharp cutting edge. It helps on the off chance that you locate a round article that is now this distance across and follow it to use as a guide for the semi-circle.

3. Next, utilize a calfskin gap punch to punch out two gaps on either side that are 1/4 inch from the edge.

4. Next, lay the metal cylinder along the cowhide and string your rope through the openings. Make certain to tie the rope along the back of the cowhide with the goal that the metal cylinder remains set up. Fold the line over to make a twofold strand and make another beautifying tie along the front side (the two closures). What's more, it's prepared to wear.

P.S. On the off chance that the regular vibe this DIY jewelry has going on isn't your thing, you can without much of a stretch paint the cowhide before amassing and include an increasingly brilliant string for a very surprising look.