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Guide To Make Amazing Suede Tassel Necklace

insect to make a straightforward yet staggering decoration accessory without doing to much beading? Attempt my Simple Suede Tassel Necklace instructional exercise. This neckband is a piece of my consistently developing boho gems gathering found on my Jewelry + Fashion Page.

DIY calfskin tuft neckband

This past Spring break, we traveled the to the shoreline in South Carolina. We cherish glancing through all the blessing and surf looks for one of a kind adornments and endowments. Experiencing childhood with the East Coast at the shoreline myself, I cherish the laid back simple Bohemian style apparel in the stores on the coast.

I found a straightforward cowhide decoration accessory in one of the stores I visited and I realized it would be so natural to make one! This is the simplest of all my decoration accessories to make. When you get the topped decoration made the neckband is easy!

To make the base tuft, first, see my presents on how on make a Capped Tassel or a Simple Suede Leather Tassel to hang as a frivolity on the neckband.

Calfskin Tassel Necklace


Medium Brown Leather Suede string, Brown Suede Lace

3 globules with vast gaps

Topped decoration

7 mm gold bounce rings


Cut a 42 inch portion of softened cowhide string.

Make a softened cowhide neckband

Add a hop ring to the focal point of the string.

Add tuft to cowhide

Join the topped tuft. Dismantle the tuft to the focal point of the string.

Add dot to softened cowhide string

With the two string closes together feed the string through the 3 dots.

Destroy dots down to tuft

Destroy the dots down to the tuft.

Bind cowhide in bunch to wrap up

Tie the two finishes in a tangle and that is it! Very simple jewelry! I adore it!

Softened cowhide Tassel Necklace and Bracelet Set instructional exercise

I cherished it so much I made a coordinating Suede Tassel Bracelet to coordinate!