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craft tribal diy necklace


turquoise colored howlite chunk 
dark colored agate Batik long cylinder
reconstituted turquoise with silver space
dark colored agate Batik little oval
dark colored agate cream wave drug oval 
turquoise colored howlite round 4mm 
turquoise colored howlite round 6mm 
Dyed wood pendant (posterior) 
silver tone 6mm bounce ring
silver tone 15mm bounce ring
silver tone lobster catch
332" dark colored 3-utilize waxed material cording


Wire nippers

2 – Chain nose forceps

Super paste

Dimension of trouble (Advanced)

Time – 1 to 1 ½ hours relying upon aptitude level


1. Cut 4 lengths of 80" cording.

2. Expel bundle from necklace. We are utilizing the rear of pendant yet it very well may be worn with turquoise piece looking through the front.

3. String focus of pendant and wrap cording around multiple times and structure an overhand bunch at the highest point of pendant.

4. Unite strands, string medium oval, and structure an overhand bunch.

5. Separate strands into 4 strands on each side of jewelry.

6. Left side – String little oval, turquoise rondelle, silver spacer, medium oval, silver spacer, turquoise rondelle, long cylinder, and structure an overhand bunch.

7. Trim 1 of 4 strands and spot hitch with super paste.

8. Separate strands into 1 and 2. String 6mm round on 1 strand, unite all strands and structure an overhand bunch.

9. Rehash stage 8 a sum of multiple times.

10. Rehash stages 6-9 on right half of accessory.

11. Interface 6mm hop ring to 15mm bounce ring.

12. String 6mm bounce ring on left half of necklace and structure a straightforward bunch.

13. Separate strands, climb ¼", structure hitch, string 4mm round and structure tie.

14. Trim end and quarrel.

15. Rehash stages 13-14 on the other 2 strands.

16. String lobster catch on right half of accessory.

17. Rehash stages 13 - 14 on right half of accessory.

18. Cut 12" of cording.

19. Wrap cording around top of pendant and structure a straightforward bunch.

20. Unite strands, string silver spacer, structure hitch, turquoise chunk, and structure straightforward bunch.

21. Separate strands, structure straightforward bunch ¼" from piece, string 4mm round and structure a basic bunch. Rehash on other strand.